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Water Pressure Regulator Installation in Chelsea, AL

Water Pressure Regulator Installation in Chelsea, AL

Original service was for a tankless water heater that had just recently started making noise but was giving an error code. After asking a couple of questions the troubleshooting process began.

After checking the house pressure we determined the root problem. The incoming water pressure was almost double the recommended pressure of 75psi.

Water pressure regulators or pressure-reducing valves (PRV) are compact valves used to reduce high incoming water pressure from the public water main to provide a lower, more consistent water pressure for distribution to your household plumbing and fixtures.

How long will a Water Pressure Reducing Valve last? The life expectancy of a water pressure regulator is most commonly in the range of 10 to 15 years. However, you may see a regulator malfunction at three years and one still properly functioning at 20 years old if regularly maintained.

How do I know if my pressure-reducing valve is bad?

  • 1. Diminishing or fluctuating water pressure.
  • 2. No water pressure.
  • 3. Thumping, banging, hammering, or vibrating noises in the walls.
  • 4. High water pressure, water leaking from faucet, toilet running constantly.

Do you know where your water pressure regulator is? When was the last time your incoming water pressure was checked?

Budget: $425.00


Products Used

Watts, Zurn, Uponor, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Ridgid

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